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Facts, Features & Benefits Of ACHL Versus Most Insurers

You will deal with a dedicated Claims handler based in our state-of-the-art offices in
Manchester who will look after your claim from start to finish using our own hire and repair network.
If your Vehicle is Unroadworthy, we will get you a like for like replacement the same day. If your Vehicle is Roadworthy, we will have you booked into a manufacturer approved repairer and replacement vehicle inside 72 hours which is industry leading because we manage the whole process from start to finish.
Our Average Recovery from the roadside is under 90 minutes
from our dedicated partner Recovery firm that is all managed from a portal and you can track your recovery agent as soon as you have instructed us.
At ACHL we have our own dedicated repair network that are all BSI125 accredited and hold a host of Manufacturer approvals between them. This gives our clients peace of mind that our repairers are highly trained and approved in the current and most up to date repair methods whilst using all the latest technologies. We ensure only Manufacturer approved paint and genuine manufacturer parts are used on your vehicle during the repair process. Our repairers are all contracted to specific SLA’S that mean we get our Vehicles in Bodyshop’s immediately if they are Unroadworthy and within 72 Hours if Roadworthy. The process is for us to estimate the vehicle, independently engineered and gain authority from that engineer to commence the repair and ensure the claims process is handled as efficiently as possible. This will assist in getting your vehicle back to you as quickly as possible.
In the event your vehicle is written off ACHL will negotiate directly with the TPI to ensure a fair settlement
is obtained on your behalf. We will get an independent engineer to produce a report on what your vehicle
is worth using three independent guides - CAPS, GLASSES & CAZOO to ensure we get you the current
market price.
Some Insurers don’t take calls and if they do will likely pass you between departments to start your claim. They will outsource your repair and hire services which leaves you to manage your insurer and their outsourced partner firms. This can create more time out of your day, more hassle, more people to deal with and therefore more stress.
All insurers outsource their vehicle hire solutions meaning in some cases you will get a vehicle that is not
like for like and therefore not suitable for your needs. Getting you a Hire car in the current climate for a
Roadworthy vehicle due to capacity issues in insurer approved repairers can be several weeks.
Again, they will probably instruct another outsourced partner that you cannot speak to and can take
several hours to get back to you.
Insurers use their own approved network which generally means that they have agreed rates of
pay per hour to mitigate their costs. They use OEM parts (not from the Manufacturer) and in some cases

parts from salvaged vehicles. Due to the hourly rates of pay Bodyshop’s are encouraged to repair
damaged parts that should be replaced to keep costs down. Bodyshop’s are often left negotiating with
the insurers engineer over costs which can also delay the repair.
Your insurer will likely offer you a minimal payment for a write off without using any independent guides
to minimise the pay-out which will likely hinder you when purchasing a replacement. They will usually use
their own internal valuer to determine the valuation of your total loss. It is in their interest to minimise your
pay out if you were at fault.

What the citizens advice bureau say

If you have been in an accident that wasn’t your fault it is common for the Third-Party Insurers to contact you directly. They may offer to pay for the repair of your vehicle or offer you some compensation for any personal injury you may have suffered.

It’s important to remember that these insurance companies are not acting on your behalf, they are acting on behalf of their insured who has caused your accident and their shareholders. We believe using an independent Accident Claim Management company who act purely on your behalf and have your best interests at heart is the way forward. However, don’t just take our word for it, have a read of this article from the Citizens Advice Bureau by clicking this link https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/consumer/insurance/insurance/insurance-claims/an-insurer-approaches-you-to-settle-a-claim/

As they say “The other person’s insurer won’t be acting in your best interests”.

If you want to talk to a company who are on your side and will give you independent advice call us now 0333 358 2038

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